Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down to the Wire: A Freshman Event

The Commercial: 

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The Information:
1) The Freshmen Division we will be hosting “Down to the Wire: A Freshman Event” on Wednesday April 18th from 6pm – 8pm.

2) The aim of this event is to provide the freshmen with an evening of community and spiritual renewal that will reenergize and refocus them for the 3rd Trimester - the final stretch of the year.

3) The event is free of charge and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend.  In fact, it would be a tremendous show of camaraderie to have the entire class of 2015 in attendance.

4) The event officially begins with dinner at 6pm in wrestling room of the AAC.  Student can (and should) attend their afterschool clubs and sports.

5) Students without an afterschool club or sport, or with clubs or sports that end early, have an opportunity to support their fellow classmates as the Freshmen Lacrosse teams takes on St. Anthony’s at 4:00pm on Ott Field.  A tremendous fan turn out would be a great sign of class spirit.

6) Students should sign-up for “Down to the Wire” with their freshman religion teacher.  After they sign-up, Mr. Foley or Mr. Dolce will contact them to receive their “Down to the Wire” bracelet.  This bracelet will serve as their meal ticket for the event’s dinner.

7) As Chaminade Men, we honor our commitments.  If a student sign-ups and then is unable to attend, they must speak with Mr. Foley or Mr. Dolce.

**Students can be picked up at 8pm in the AAC Parking Lot**