Friday, November 16, 2012

PREPARE: A Freshmen and Sophomore Event

The Commercial:

The Information: 
CROSS will be hosting PREPARE, a freshmen and sophomore event on Thursday, November 29th.  This is a new event for freshman and it will be taking the place of the Sophomore Evening of Recollection that was supposed to occur on November 2nd.

The Schedule:
4 - 5pm - Crimson vs. Gold Game – Freshman vs. JV Basketball Scrimmage  (AAC)
5:15 - 6pm – Dinner (Cafeteria)
6 - 8:15pm - Worship Event featuring Musician Ike Ndolo (Darby Auditorium)

The Details:
1) The event officially begins with dinner at 5:15pm in the Cafeteria.  Students can (and should) attend their afterschool clubs and sports.

2) Students without an afterschool club or sport, or with clubs or sports that end early, have an opportunity to support their fellow classmates at the Crimson vs. Gold Game which will take place at 4pm in the AAC (Freshman vs. JV Basketball Scrimmage).  A tremendous fan turn out would be a great sign of class spirit.

3) The entire event is free of charge and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend.  In fact, it would be a tremendous show of camaraderie to have the entire freshmen and sophomore divisions in attendance.

4) Students should sign-up for PREPARE in homeroom.

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