Wednesday, November 30, 2011

St. Francis Reflection

Reflection Assignment
Pick one line/phrase from the above prayer and then do the following:
Paragraph 1: Describe how the line/phrase embodies an event from the life of St. Francis
Paragraph 2: Reflect and describe how that phrase should be more apparent in your life; use a specific example

- Your assignment should be about one typed page
- The phrase you have chosen should be centered on the page below your heading.
- You must use Times New Roman font size 12 - double spaced

Monday, November 28, 2011

Reconciliation Tomorrow

As Catholics, we are called to go to confession at least once per year.  The Lenten season, as a time of repentance, is a perfect time to pursue this sacrament. 

On Tuesday, November 29th, we will go to confession as a class.

Catholics for centuries have found it profitable to examine their consciences in light of the Ten Commandments.  Click below for an Examination of Conscience that is based on the Ten Commandments and directed at teenagers.

Quote for Reflection
“Confession heals, confession justifies, confession grants pardon of sin, all hope consists in confession; in confession there is a chance for mercy.”
- St. Isidore of Seville
Doctor of the Church
(560 – 636)

Monday, November 21, 2011

St. Francis of Assisi

Directions: Watch the video and take notes for a quiz on Monday.  The link below is A Great Excerpt from "Between Heaven and Mirth" by James Martin, SJ on the humor of St. Francis, while note required, it is recommended. 

Who Cares About the Saints? (St. Francis) from Loyola Productions on Vimeo.

Link: A Great Excerpt from "Between Heaven and Mirth" by James Martin, SJ on the humor of St. Francis

Monday, November 7, 2011

Roman Missal, Third Edition

On November 27 (the First Sunday of Advent), the Roman Missal, Third Edition, a new translation of the prayers said at Mass will be implemented in all English speaking countries (this includes the United States) .

If you have been hearing the buzz but are not completely up to speed on the new Roman Missal, here 2 items to help you out:

Video put together by Lifeteen:

All History of Salvation II students should read the article, watch the video and take notes on them for a quiz the first time your class meets during the week of 11/14.