Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Summer Reading Recommendation

If you are looking for something to read over the summer (and you should be), I strongly recommend My Life with the Saints by James Martin, SJ.  I purchased it awhile ago and only recently sat down to read it.  I enjoyed it immensely.  It is a well written and easy-to-read book that does a wonderful job of weaving together material from our class (saints lives) with modern-day life.

The book can found in your library or can be purchased at or anywhere else books are sold.

Here is a review from Booklist: 
"It is one thing to read the lives of the saints, quite another to read about somebody who lives with the saints, who thinks about, researches, and calls upon certain saints regularly. Such a person is, today, a rarity. Such a person is GE-exec-turned-Jesuit James Martin, associate editor of the national Catholic weekly America, who details his introduction to and relationship with more than a dozen of his favorite haloed heroes in this book. They include Jude, patron saint of lost causes, whom Martin refers to as "the saint of the sock drawer" because that's where, when a young man, Martin kept a statuette of Jude; Ignatius Loyola, who inspired Martin to look for God in his daily life; and St. Joseph, whose quiet service to Christ motivates Martin. With wit and candor, Martin brings those and his other seemingly distant role models down to earth, citing instances from their biographies and, with deepest effectiveness, revealing his personal connection to each and how each has assisted his life." Donna Chavez - Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.